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It's all about the alternatives.

Welcome to the wild world of CBD, where relaxation meets innovation! Get ready to take your wellness routine to the next level with the power of CBD. Embark on a journey where calmness and balance are just a few drops away. Come aboard the CBD revolution and unlock the potential of plant-powered wellness. From luscious skincare to delightful tinctures, there’s a CBD product that fits your lifestyle and helps you find your inner peace.


Why settle for anything less? Pick a premium CBD product from trustworthy sources!


Let's get ready to experience the magical wonders of CBD and embark on a fun-filled journey towards better well-being!


Let's have some fun exploring the wonderful world of CBD! If you've got any more questions or need a helping hand, don't hesitate to ask.

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Happy and Healthy Days for You and Your Furry Crew!

At Leaf Healz, we don’t just take care of humans – we’re pet lovers too! And guess what? Our CBD products are also safe for reptiles! So go ahead and share the love with your furry and scaly friends!

Leaf Healz Topicals Targeted Relief

Get ready to give your skin some major TLC! Leaf Healz is the newest addition to your skincare routine. Our high-quality CBD extract derived from hemp plants may reduce inflammation, soothe discomfort, and promote overall skin health. It’s time to glow up with this trendy and innovative way to incorporate the potential benefits of CBD into your daily routine.

Tattoo Aftercare

3 Stage Tattoo Care

Got ink? Whether it’s fresh or healed, our CBD-infused topicals will have you feeling downright pampered! From soothing soreness to reducing redness, our specially formulated creams, balms, and salves have everything you need to keep your skin looking fabulous. Experience the magic for yourself and give our CBD topicals a try today!

Tattoo Care

CBD loves playing with the receptors in your skin, potentially giving redness, swelling, and irritation the boot!


CBD's got game when it comes to soothing the skin and boosting recovery time with its potential anti-inflammatory powers! 😉

Tattoo Daily Care

Got some ink? Leaf Healz has got your back with daily TLC for your tats, plus a nutrient-rich formula that brings your skin back to life!

It's all about the alternatives.

Life and Leaf Healz Lifestyle

Get your muscles feeling tip-top by adding in some Leaf Healz CBD before or after your workout! #winningatlife

Want to feel totally zen? Try some CBD oils or tincture orally and get ready to relax and restore your balance. Perfect for stress relief and overall good vibes.

Discover the endless possibilities of CBD! Run, cycle, do yoga, dominate in CrossFit or martial arts, rock out on any instrument (drums, guitar, you name it)! The world of CBD is yours to explore and Leaf Healz is here to join the fun.

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What our Customers Say About Us

Harold S. Illinois

"I purchased the pain salve for my Tennis elbow, which worked great. About 10 minutes later, the pain was gone. I will definitely buy more."

Anne J. Texas

"I’ve been dealing with a stressful job lately, and I was searching for a natural way to relax without resorting to medication. I decided to try Leaf Healz tincture, and it really did the trick. It helped me unwind and feel much calmer. "

Kathy H. Texas

"After struggling with runner’s knee, I decided to give Leaf Healz pain salve a try, and it worked wonders. Shortly after using it, the pain vanished. I’m really impressed with Leaf Healz's pain salve. "

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